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Customer reviews 9 Hotel Sablon

    • Trip Type : Couple

    Good: Great location, great beds, nice sauna and pool, good breakfast -- very nice hotel!

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Les meilleurs restaurants autour du 9 Hotel Montparnasse

Au Vieux Saint Martin - Belgian Cuisine

Belgian specialties since 1968, only the "homemade" from fresh products. The place runs well by the Belgian clients, the businessmen and tourists. While sitting on the terrace you can enjoy the first fine days of the year "overlooking" works of Belgian artists hung on the walls. The kitchen is open non-stop from noon to midnight except Sundays and bank holidays.
Place du Grand Sablon, 38 - Quartier Sablon 1000 Bruxelles.
Tel. +32 (0)2 512 64 76


Le Pistolet - Belgian Cuisine

Located in Sablon district, Le Pistolet is a pleasant and friendly place which high-end delicatessen concept will make you rediscover the taste of the famous filled Pistolet ! Through an original and refined decoration, you will feel the nostalgia of your childhood and will savour Belgian local products. More than 20 differents combinaisons will be offered, the products used to fill these delicious Pistolets being 100% Belgian and 100% artisanal.
Rue Joseph Stevens 24-26.
Tel. +32 02 880 80 98


PEÏ & MEÏ - French Cuisine

Peï & Meï means « men and women » in Brussels dialect. The Chef Gauthier De Baere and his wife Melissa offers an original, generous and authentic cuisine in a warm and convivial atmosphere. You will be charmed by the Scandinavian style with rough brick walls, neat luminaires and fabric benches. On the menu: Shirred eggs with coulis of foie gras and truffle emulsion, Simmental beef and its homemade Béarnaise sauce or « fillet de biche » with Grand Veneur sauce.
15, Rue de Rollebeek 1000 Bruxelles.
Tel. +32 2 880 53 39


TOSCANA 21 - Italian Cuisine

Few steps from Sablon district, Barrontin family will proudly make you discover the products from Tuscany. Their cooking is simple but tasty. In a pleasant and cozy ambiance, do not hesitate to ask for suggestions to the Italian chef.
Rue de Rollebeek 21, 1000 Bruxelles.
Tel. +32 2 502 36 21


L’ENTRÉE DES ARTISTES - Belgian, French Cuisine

Based on the Place du Grand Sablon, l’Entrée des Artistes focuses on Belgian specialities such as Flemish carbonnade, « stoemp », « waterzooï » or « chicons au gratin » (Belgian endives). In a relax ambiance, this restaurant is also well-known for its numerous beers and its special meals prepared with beers.
Place du Grand Sablon 42 1000 Bruxelles.
Tel. +32 2 502 31 61


SKIEVELAT - Belgian Cuisine

In Sablon district, Skievelat proposes the classics of Belgian cuisine without any pretention: carbonnades, gueuze meatballs...The ambiance is always friendly and cordial inside this traditional Brussels brewery. Recommended for festive parties, business diners, birthdays or evenings with family and friends.
Rue Joseph Stevens 18 1000 Bruxelles.
Tel. +32 2 502 25 12


C’EST BON, C’EST BELGE – Belgian Cuisine

A great address to savor genuine Belgian specialties. Thierry Van Wiel carefully chooses top of the range products from local producers: snails from Warnant, terrines and foie gras from Hemptinne, bacon from Antwerp... In this charming place, the restaurant honors Belgian gastronomy and culture particularly through its walls dedicated to Belgian artists.
Rue de Rollebeek 3-5 1000 Bruxelles.
Tel. +32 (0)2 512 2999


SOUL - Bio Fusion Cuisine

Since May 2008, this bio fusion restaurant stands out thanks to its products and its creative recipes cooked for the body and the environment. For the two Finnish sisters, Nina and Linda, food goes together with well-being and respect of the body. At Soul, the dishes are made of organic ingredients without any butter, any cream and any toxic substances!
Rue de la Samaritaine, 20 1000 Bruxelles.
Tel. +32 2 / 513 52 13


JEF - Belgian, French Cuisine

A rich and delighful table with a selection of high-quality products: natural wines, hook and line fishes, potatoes from Noirmoutier... Open since 2013, between Sablon and Marolles districts, Jef cooks the nature in a vintage and Scandinavian decor. The restaurant bets on authentic and great food indeed.
Rue Haute 20 1000 Bruxelles.
Tel. +32 2 437 35 73


LOLA - French Cuisine

Since its opening in December 1994, this chic and contemporary brewery is among the great classics of Grand Sablon. In a timeless decor, between ceruse wood, stone and glass, Lola will seduce you by its generous and festive food. A must you never want to forget.
Place du Grand Sablon 33 1000 Bruxelles.
Tel. +32 2 514 24 60


LES BRIGITTINES - Belgian Cuisine

Dirk Myny, master chef from Brussels, will invite you to share a traditional cuisine that he reinvents day after day. A menu with Brussels accents such as veal cheeks boiled in Kriek Cantillon or « Bloempach » (Black pudding from Brussels). In a elegant and friendly setting of Art Nouveau style, the chef sets up its own wines card.
Place de la Chapelle 5 1000 Bruxelles.
Tel. +32 2 512 68 91


KWINT - French Cuisine

Kwint is a subtle blend of legendary Parisian houses : La Maison de la Truffe and Kaspia . The truffles, caviar and smoked fish on the menu. A refined cuisine at reasonable prices in a New Brewery decor. An impressive sculpture resin tortuous forms, the work of Belgian designer Arne Quinze , extends along the entire room with Delicatesssen shop and a bar. During summers you can enjoy the large terrace overlooking the historic center of Brussels.
Mont des Arts 1 - Quartier du Monts des Arts 1000 Bruxelles.
Tel. +32 (0)2 505 95 95



In a contemporary and timeless style, in front of the music conservatory, Les Petits Oignons presents a refined cuisine with fine products and Mediterranean freshness. A large selection of French and Italian wines will be offered by the sommelier of the the restaurant, graduated from Toulouse.
Rue de la Régence 25 1000 Bruxelles.
Tel. +32 2 511 76 15



With its wooden and trompe l’œil decor, Orphyse Chaussette offers a cuisine that bears and reflects the South of France. The French Chef Philippe Renoux carefully picks every product to make you travel and discover the land of his childhood. A greedy and delightful address, open from Tuesday to Saturday, for lunch and dinner.
Rue Charles Hanssens 5 1000 Bruxelles.
Tel. +32 2 502 75 81


LA ROUE D’OR – Belgian Cuisine

With its nice and original look, the wall paintings referring to Magritte, the brewery La Roue d’Or is a must if you’d like to discover Belgian food! A la carte: traditional brewery meals and renewed grandmother’s recipes such as « stoemp », country sausage.
Rue des Chapeliers, 26 1000 Bruxelles.
Tel. +32 02 514 25 54 /


KOBOB - Ethiopian Cuisine

At Kobob, enjoy a convivial Ethiopian cuisine, rich in flavor, in a sweet and exotic setting. A true sharing moment where we can eat with fingers in the same course. To share: wots, tibs (sautéed meat) and even the spicy Ethiopian coffee. A real delight !
Rue des Grands Carmes 10 1000 Bruxelles.
Tel. +32 2 511 19 50


LES VIGNES DU LIBAN - Libanese Cuisine

In Marolles district, behind a beautiful facade made of glass and wood, the restaurant Les vignes du Liban will welcome you in a warm and family atmosphere. Faraj and Hicham will make you discover Lebanon flavors through its rich and refined cuisine: labneh, fish tagine, sambousseks... A change of scenery and a pure moment of well-being!
Rue Haute, 152 1000 Bruxelles.
Tel. +32 2 502 17 78


BRASSERIE BOZAR - Belgian, French Cuisine

Totally renovated, the Bozar Brasserie offers a special cuisine combining tradition with innovation. The restaurant is headed by the young starred chef David Martin, director of « La Paix », the unique starred brewery of the country. In an art deco style, the original brewery’s goal is to make the gastronomy accessible to all by offering identifiable dishes, recreated from fresh and seasonal products. Let’s tickle your taste buds!
Rue Baron Horta 3 1000 Bruxelles.
Tel. +32 2 503 00 00


RESTAURANT ALEXANDRE - Belgian Gastronomic Cuisine

In a sober decor with wooden and chocolate tons, the restaurant Alexandre offers an original gastronomic cuisine mixing creativity, roundness and freshness. Anca Petrescu, having the flair for detecting first-rate products and Isabelle Arpin, rising top Chef invite you for an unforgettable eating experience.
Rue du Midi 164 1000 Bruxelles.
Tel. +32 2 502 40 55



In a quiet and soft light ambiance, this restaurant offers artisanal burgers 100% « made in Belgium ». You can choose between different meats: Beef « Blanc-Bleu-Belge », free-range chicken or breaded cod from North Sea. Ideal for late and cheap snacks.
Rue du Pépin, 48 1000 Bruxelles.
Tel. +32 2 514 28 00


GOD SAVE THE CREAM - British Cuisine

In Ixelles, this British address is very famous for its high quality brunch. An instinctive, generous and healthy cuisine with mainly local and organic meals. Each bite leads to pleasure and discovery. You will also find British products in this delicatessen shop and few homemade courses such as the lemon curd in small pots. We recommend you to book a table by phone.
Rue de Stassart 131 1050 Ixelles



True Brussels institution located on the corner of the Place Sainte Catherine . La Mer du Nord is both a fish shop and a caterer. It serves in a beautiful spirit of street food, at any time, standing at Fish Bar or on small tables outside. A fish soup, mussels, the caricoles or other fresh fish a la plancha in a friendly atmosphere.
Place Saint-Catherine, 45 – Quartier Saint Catherine 1000 Bruxelles.
Tel. + 32 (0)2 513 11 92